Sweeping Promises: You Shatter

The pandemic led to a series of unusual events for Sweeping Promises. Faced with financial difficulties, the duo of Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug decided to make significant changes in their lives; gave up their studio in Cambridge and moved to Texas to seek support from their family. They managed to create more than fifty demos in their temporary residences in Austin and Marfa, but still felt dissatisfied and decided to pursue a new beginning elsewhere.

In Kansas, Mondal and Schnug had their home and studio all under one roof. It was there where they embarked on creating their latest new full length, Good Living Is Coming For You. This new album reflects their experiences of being suddenly thrust into a highly unpredictable world. It serves as a follow up to their previous album, Hunger for a Way Out, which was well received in 2020.

Off the upcoming album, You Shatter, finds Sweeping Promises realizing their distinct rounded bass and lo-fi indie punk sound which has become attached to their name. The song has a vintage feel, characterized by its enthusiastic nature, accompanied by high-pitched synths and layered vocals. The single's danceable quality is evident, and demonstrates the band's influence from modern and contemporary disco pop, no wave, and classic post punk. 

Good Living Is Coming For You will be out on June 30th, 2023 via Feel It Records (North America) and Sub Pop (Rest of World).

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