Spider: Riptide

Long Beach, California punk rockers, Spider, are set to release their upcoming EP, Death Match, which includes the second new track, Riptide. Out through CPYRT CNTRL RCRDS (pronounced Copyright Control Records), the EP was co-produced by the band and Dave Klein, a former member of Agent Orange.

The band comments on the new song: “Riptide is a reference to the force-of-nature pull that art can have on a person. A call out in the chorus to Darby Crash and Joe Strummer by their birth names is a nod to the lexicon rebels that creatively destroyed the status quo that predated punk rock. A war against mediocracy and a call to arms to get in the mix and start your own band.

The new song displays the band's unyielding and energetic spirit, exemplifying their persistence and strong lyrical aptitude. 

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