Fragrance.: Mise en garde

Fragrance., the prolific Paris-based artist Matthieu Roche known for a dark and moody synthpop sound, has exciting new material to offer once again. Fragrance. revisits the acclaimed EP, Dust & Disorders, which was released in 2017, and transforms it into a new and more elaborate rendition. The new version brings a fresh perspective to the original material, enhancing the record's appeal.

Mise en garde is one of the tracks featured on Dust & Disorders (Complete Edition) which includes not only the original five songs from the 2017 EP, but also introduces five new songs. 

Mise en garde showcases Fragrance.'s lush and melancholic approach, combining sharp instrumentation, gentle vocals, and poetic lyrics in perfect harmony. The song creates an enthralling atmosphere with its notably rich and evocative sound, and stays true to the project's intrinsically dreamy and contemplative productions.

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