Bolywool: Ett berg, Ett träd

Swedish dreampop band, Bolywool, is commemorating their 25th anniversary. Cousins Calle and Oskar have traversed through life together in different ways, and the band has been the binding force between them for a quarter of a century.

To mark their 25 years together, Bolywool release a new standalone single, Ett berg, Ett träd, which is a cover of their own song, The Mountain, the Three, from their 2012 album Isles. The idea emerged from the desire to blend an old favorite with the essence of Bolywool in 2023. 

Bolywool deliver a grand and imposing composition, encompassing their established lushness and abundance which seamlessly intermingles with the band's melodicism, and creates a distinct and rich sound. With the addition of Henrik Röstberg Hjelt's (Omni of Halos) guitar work, the song expands toward more spacious territories, simultaneously exuding strength and fragility.

While the band has had many years of experience under their belt, and the new song's foundations were laid 14 years ago, it is evident that Bolywool have been alive with energy, being very creative in recent years, and their new offering finds the taking a confident step forward.

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