Aversions: Undecider

Undecider, the newest single and video release from the anticipated album You Wanted the Bike, by Vancouver, BC band, Aversions, displays the group's characteristic blend of post hardcore and post punk influences in a rather effective manner.

From the first listen, Undecider stands out as a forceful track in the band's catalog which is already filled with analogous moments. The song manages to denote the overwhelming anxiety experienced during the final days of the Trump presidency, effectively conveying society's overarching concernment.

By finely intertwining narrative elements which provide introspective reasoning for the emergence of demagoguery within right-wing politics, and by portraying the realities of White Nationalist terrorists, the song smartly depicts a disconcerting portrayal of the divided state of Western society.

Sammy C manages to inject a glimmer of hope: "Show me a face to forgive, and take my anger so I can move on."

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