Allison Lorenzen: MTO

Colorado-based musician, Allison Lorenzen, has unveiled the new track, MTO (More Than Once). The new release exhibits the artist's impressive guitar skills next to her vocal charm, blending everything with alluring synths, epitomizing the melodic dreampop style which defines her artistic approach.

Drawing comparisons to great, esteemed artists like Julee Cruise and Kate Bush, MTO explores the recurring nature of relationship patterns, highlighting how they often repeat multiple times before we identify them and take action to break them apart.

Lorenzen is familiar with the inner strength required for this healing process. Following the disbandment of her group, School Dance, she embarked on a nomadic journey before settling in Southern Colorado, where she now operates a hot springs retreat for travelers seeking rest.

MTO was created in a shipping container which serves as both Allison's living space and recording studio. This release comes after The Fourth Cycle single, and the brilliant cover of Bush's Glycerine together with Midwife. True to the artist's characteristic emotional depth and ethereal style of songwriting, the song creates a vivid dreamscape which compels and immerses in its appealing melodies. 

MTO is also a harbinger of Lorenzen's upcoming album which will follow her debut full length Tender from 2021.

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