Wax Heart Sodality: Funny Games

The new single by dark rockers, Wax Heart Sodality, is Funny Games, the band's first track taken from their upcoming EP, expected out later in 2023. The single was recorded at The Green Dragon Studios, Stockton-On-Tees and mixed by Mouses frontman, Steven Bardgett.

Created during their Summer Studio residency at Sage Gateshead, the new song features loud guitars, energetic beats, and a powerful chorus which poses the question: 'What if we just took the things we’ve been brought up being told we weren’t allowed?’ 

Retaining the band's signature melodic and dark style, the song possesses an ominous quality, yet maintains a captivating gothic rock elegance which is quite memorable.

Funny Games comments on the privileges or limitations imposed by social class and pictures a revolution where the idealized narratives promoted by politicians and influencers lose their significance, allowing individuals to enjoy life's small indulgences.

The song depicts a person who enters a home and begins exploring and experiencing the luxurious aspects of a more extravagant way of life. With an intrusive intent, they interact with everything they encounter, resulting in a distressing scenario which bears resemblance to the initial scenes of the movie by Michael Haneke from which the song borrows its title.

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