Úzkost: 23 Ribs (f/ Colleen Munn)

Úzkost is a band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, originally called Slaves BC when they formed in 2010. They have released a lot of material up to this point, and each effort of theirs has become progressively darker. In 2020, the band underwent a transformation, moving away from their original chaotic hardcore sound and embracing a formidable combination of black metal, death metal, doom metal, and harsh noise. Over the past decade, the band has undergone several changes in their lineup and musical style, and are now set to release their most ominous offerings yet.

The latest single from Úzkost is 23 Ribs, and features Colleen Munn who was previously part of bands such as Starve and Bow. The single marks the fourth in a sequence of six that the group plans to release every two months. 23 Ribs aims to address the issue of patriarchy and how men often feel entitled to women's bodies, time, and energy. 

Equal to its subject matter, the song displays a very powerful and affecting sound, and successfully brandishes the group's impressive musicianship.

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