TEETH: We Eat Our Young

Hardcore band, TEETH, from Hamilton, ON, realized that they had to produce a work that was both brutally honest and emotionally intense in order to express their own experiences while also addressing the current state of the world.

Human beings have an intrinsic inclination towards cruelty, evident in the way we create divisions and develop strong drives towards certain behaviors. The first EP by the band, A Biblical Worship of Violence, is an exploration of these overemotional aspects of human nature. The EP captures a particular moment in the band members' lives when they were going through difficult personal experiences which urged them to confront the true nature of pain and discomfort.

We knew what this band needed to sound like before we’d even played a note,” says guitarist Chris LeMasters. “This wasn’t about writing a single or getting on the fucking radio – just pure violence, through and through.

We Eat Our Young accurately reflects the weighty, intense, and emotionally charged sound of the hardcore music presented by the band. This raw and frenzied piece is characterized by its heaviness and showcases the band's exceptional attention to detail in their sound.

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