Street Grease: Fawn

Industrial/hardcore band, Street Grease, return with their second single, Fawn. Following their first offering, Take The Blood From My Body, which left a strong impression, the band's new release feels even more powerful. 

There are two distinct parts to the song. The first section is utterly hard hitting, frantic and oppressive, while the second part transitions into a vast and expansive sound.

Fawn creates a agitated and overwhelming sensory experience, with evolving dynamics which spin around the listener, pulling everything down to a dark and intense electronic soundscape. The song reaches a climactic point with a breakdown of edgy and enticing noise.

The lyrics of Fawn center around the idea of losing a loved family member; specifically, finding their perished body in their apartment. The song served as a therapeutic outlet for singer and guitarist, Maud, to express the feelings experienced at the time.

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