Spider: Tripwire

Spider, the punk rockers from Long Beach, California, make a strong comeback with their new single, Tripwire, a formidable and unrelenting anthem which stays true to their signature energetic sound.

The band comment on the creative process behind the new track: “What resulted is a mindful, introspective memoir; these are snapshots of self-reflection caught in spacetime, vignettes wrapped in metaphors.

From a lyrical standpoint. Our words are steeped in existentialism. From a musical POV the sonic message is visceral. Together we tap into the rage of the human condition of being born into a world we never asked to be in. The songs are about navigating the paradox of life.

The band characterizes their latest single as one piece of a group of narratives: "We are a blank slate, we capture the fury of life set to a rock-and-rollercoaster backdrop of buzzing electric guitars, distorted fuzz pounding bass and primal, alchemy-seeking drums. In a sense, the songs create themselves, the band is just a vehicle."

Tripwire is out through CPYRT CNTRL RCRDS, co-produced by the band and former Agent Orange member, Dave Klein. 

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