Shedir: The Bald-faced Sun

Shedir, conceived by Martina Betti, a composer from Sardinia, is a project which emerged in 2017. Betti specializes in crafting ambient music, skillfully treading the fine line between intense, raw expressions and serene, Eno-inspired soundscapes. Betti's artistic vision, to which she refers as a "sonic map," draws inspiration from her environment in Sardinia.

The Bald-faced Sun serves as the lead track from Before the Last Light Is Blown, the third album by Shedir, and it's an esoteric and rather immersive endeavor.

Contrary to expectations, contemplating the fleeting nature of life, although seemingly somber, can unveil the hidden beauty which eludes us amidst our ceaseless pursuits and desires. Shedir deliberately delves into the depths of darkness to ultimately reveal the inherent magnificence. This pivotal aspect remains a consistent element throughout the artist's creations.

Betti's inspiration derives from her surroundings, and coexists with the echoes of traditional chants and ancient prayers which tie her to the mystical and historical essence of her native island; influences intertwined finely within her journey as a musician. Shedir's music exudes an otherworldly quality, centered on intricate textures and harmonically intricate narratives. 


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