More Ephemerol: Secrecy

APOTHEOSIS PAGEANT, the upcoming full length from LA-based synthpop duo, More Ephemerol, is being preceded by the release of their final single, Secrecy. While some of the band's recent singles have had a relatively lighter sound, their new offering comes with a more industrial and dance-oriented edge. Despite an understood search for new sonic territory, Secrecy still sounds very characteristic of More Ephemerol's music as a whole.

This vibrant track heavily relies on melodic synth passages, with fierce synth leads taking center stage. While More Ephemerol typically produce a vintage type of synthpop, this particular track has a more futuristic sound.

Secrecy alternates between vocalist Tamara Sky singing in Spanish and C. Fjerstad's typical English delivery. The song features an explosive harmonized dual synth passage towards the end, which adds to its overall impact.

The complete album will be available on May 22nd, 2023 and will coincide with a 3-week tour across the United States, in support of singer Madeline Goldstein.

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