Monk: Nothing Matters

Monk, is a fresh hardcore band coming from Los Angeles, which merges elements of mindfulness with their rather intense sound. Monk impart nuggets of perceptiveness in their songwriting, and dig deep into profound subjects such as impermanence and existentialism. Monk emphasize the significance of embracing the present moment, and recognizing the our emotions to the fullest, whether positive or negative.

Nothing Matters questions the importance of the physical world, and delves into the ways in which we attribute importance to various things. It serves as a nudge to not become absorbed in the solemnness of life, but accept the present and stop being burdened by insignificant concerns. 

Despite the insecure state of the current world, Nothing Matters underlines how vital it can be to take proactive steps and make a positive difference in the world, while addressing the urgency of climate change. 

On their first release, Monk consist of Frank Bach (Vicious Cycle, Designer at Headspace) on vocals, Daniel Romano (The Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Attack In Black etc.), Ian Romano (The Outfit, Career Suicide, Attack In Black, etc.) on guitar and drums respectively, and Scott Sorenson on synthesizers. The band cites inspiration from Knife Fight for their guitar energy and the song's dynamic tempo.

Monk’s upcoming Rock EP will be out via Dine Alone Records on August 4th, 2023. The music video for Nothing Matters was produced by Monk, and directed by L.A.-based videographer, Jovanni Martinez (Motionless Creations). 

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