Lockstep: Hunger

Lockstep, a fresh group from Nashville, Tennessee, have released their second single Hunger, serving as a precursor to their upcoming EP, Arrival, which is set to be released on May 19th, 2023.

The track is atmospheric in nature and showcases the band's forceful sound. Lockstep's previous single, Weave, had already set high expectations for the impending EP, and the new offering has further cemented their reputation as an up and coming group.

With a runtime of almost six minutes, Hunger is a great example of Lockstep's capability to craft rich guitar-driven music, complemented by serene vocals that flow in and out of fuller moments of heaviness. With atmospheric textures and reverberations which give the track a haunting and introspective feel, Hunger displays a distinct heavy shoegaze vibe, and presents Lockstep's ability to create a balance which works incredibly well by fusing tougher sections with more ethereal elements. 

The band comments: "Hunger touches on the idea or feeling of having tunnel vision towards a future scenario or outcome to the detriment of your present experience."

Hunger is a somber song which comfortably tackles heavier ground while still retaining the daydream-like introspective vibe which defines the artistic style of Lockstep.

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