Kæry Ann: Imaginary Room

Italian project Kӕry Ann has released a visually captivating video for the song Imaginary Room, the fourth single from the debut album Songs of Grace and Ruin. The album was recorded and mixed by Andrea Volpato and released through Anomic Records.

The music video, presented in a vintage black and white style, completes a trilogy that began with the singles Blue Eyes and Desert Song. In this trilogy, the artist portrays an ethereal character residing in nature, gradually transitioning to a more human existence.

The clip's narrative unfolds on multiple levels of reality, as the protagonist, Erika, enters a dreamlike realm through sleep, where she encounters the project's bassist, Francesca, who embodies the dark and haunting aspect lurking within the corridors of the mind. Erika discovers a hidden key, which propels her even deeper into the unconscious, a dream within a dream. The two identities occasionally merge, still, Erika persistently pursues this enigmatic entity, striving to establish a connection but never finding a way.

Erika comments on the song: “I often put pieces of small poems in my lyrics and it's strange to realize how, reading verses and notes written at that age, these feelings and sensations are still around. It seems like, despite all the changes taking place during everyone's existence, something inside us remains unchanged and perpetual over time. I like the idea of bringing back these thoughts from the past and giving them a new shape with music.

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