Bathe Alone: In Your Wake

Atlanta dreampop artist Bathe Alone will release their 2022 EP, Fall With The Lights Down (Louise), as a double EP with the addition of Fall With The Lights Down (Velma) on August 4th, 2023. 

Deeply rooted in the past, the new compilation is embedded with a deep sense of melancholy and contemplation. It is a project which also examines various aspects of loss, and reflects on the cherished memories which will forever be kept.

The artist explains: “I was browsing my dad's Facebook, and he had uploaded all of these family photos. She just looks super unhappy and out of context being on a boat. Then there’s another photo of the other great-grandma in a yellow vest with a picnic basket next to her. I thought these photos were so weird and powerful.” 

In Your Wake is a single which arrives from the upcoming release to tackle the notion of taking control over one's future. 

Bailey describes: “Sometimes fate does what it wants, and you don't really have a say in it. This song is an internal discussion about trusting yourself and that you’re making all the right decisions for the future that you want. Sometimes when you're feeling like things are moving slow or you’re on the wrong path, you really just need to believe that you’re headed somewhere by your own design. ‘Wake’ is someone’s action, wrath, energy, and determination. It’s the breaking of fate and attempting to take control.

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