The Red Stains: TV Static

Manchester quartet, The Red Stains, use the influence of absurdity and quirkiness to upend the male-dominated music business. Their witty and biting lyrics shine a light on domestic daily life, and topics of consumerism, mental illness, public transportation, low-priced stores, and queerness. New track, TV Static, is the band's most recent single.

The Red Stains describe: "TV Static is a satirical yet desperate outlook of the analogue world around us; Which contains graphic scenes and themes of violent mental breakdowns, ruining your life, regretting everything, having nothing to lose and drinking turpentine to get through the week."

The Red Stains sound consistently acidic and punchy, and their art form is undoubtedly of the unconventional and attacking kind. Their sound possesses qualities of eccentricity and radicalism which brings back notions of the no wave movement, as well as the everlasting ethos of punk rock. TV Static feels like a post punk deviation which ignites a fire, and doesn't hold back. 

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