Renonce: Lost Cause (f/ Jared Artaud)

Montreal-based solo project, Renonce, delivers a final single together with the release of the full length, Ombre. The new song features a special guest, Jared Artaud of The Vacant Lots.

Lost Cause was initially written in French. The idea of including Jared Artaud, the Brooklyn-based artist and Renonce's friend, completely altered the song's tone. With its tuneful chorus, dark atmosphere, and ceaselessly driving beat, the track serves as the album's standout moment. 

On a bed of rich and pulsating industrial instrumentals, Artaud's headstrong voice and Renonce's raucous vocal work great together to create a perplexing feeling of helplessness and fervor.

Ombre was produced by the Toronto industrial duo Odonis Odonis.

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