Old Coke: Vapor Drunk

Massive guitars, and incredible production, the frequent characteristics of Chicagoan band Old Coke's heavy shoegaze, return to be present in another release of theirs, new track, Vapor Drunk. The band seems to be back on top form after their EP Sorted, which was named one of D//E's EPs of the Year 2022.

"Vapor Drunk is about a hazy lost romance," as the band puts it, and it was recorded with Zac Montez (Whirr, Cloakroom) and Corey Coffman (Gleemer, Kraus). Once again, the percussion on the song was recorded by Joe Gac of Meat Wave.

Vapor Drunk, a very melodic and sentimental single, finds the band at their most delicate yet, with a kind of fragility which blends flawlessly with melody and heaviness, creating an overall very well balanced result.

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