Laveda: A Place You Grew Up In

The title track of the new album by Laveda, A Place You Grew Up In, is a representation of a full length which emphasizes on inspiration from the lowest and deepest of moments, and the onset of adulthood. 

Laveda's Ali Genevich taps into all the distress and worry which come along with maturing in dark and volatile circumstances, and comments on the new album: “A Place You Grew Up In is like a time-capsule in my memory. 2020 and 2021 felt like adulthood had crawled out from a dark cave somewhere in the woods to slowly flood my mind with 24/7 anxieties. It began with the pandemic, then Jake’s mom who had been battling stage four cancer got worse. She passed on New Year’s Day 2021. There was a lot of grief paired with drinking. Many days felt monotonous, though some were filled with writing and demoing.” 

A Place You Grew Up In marks the arrival of a well-executed album full of dreampop and guitar-driven indie pop qualities, with high levels of sentimentality fairly evident in every track, following a string of engaging singles like Surprise, F***, and Clean.

Genevich explains the track's theme: “A Place You Grew Up In is about the love/hate relationship I have with living in upstate New York. It’s this weird unnecessary internal struggle that I feel almost every day. There are so many reasons to love a place, but there are just as many reasons to despise it. Will I ever permanently leave? I’m not sure, it scares me. But staying here forever is almost more terrifying.” 

A Place You Grew Up In  was produced by Dylan Herman (Beck, Pynkie), and it's out via VT/NY-based label PaperCup Music.

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