Heretoir: Wastelands

German post black metal band, Heretoir, unveil Wastelands, the title track of their upcoming mini album, expected out on May 19th, 2023 through AOP Records. The release will be composed of three brand new tracks and three studio live recordings of previously released material.

"This song means everything to us," the band explain. "Wastelands deals with the destruction of our source of life – planet earth. Humans seem to have a 'suicidal urge' to destroy what keeps us alive. The song is a requiem on the downfall of this world."

Wastelands is powerful as much as it is impressive; heavy both sonically and thematically, and brimming with sentimentality and heaviness, with the band putting forth an unequivocally emotional performance.

Photo by Toni B. Gunner Photography

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