Grandbrothers: North/South

Late Reflections, the title of the impending album by Grandbrothers, refers to an acoustics term: early reflections are the first reflections one hears from the surrounding walls, while late reflections are more diffuse and delayed. There are no sounds on the album that are not generated by the grand piano. 

We use the piano as a sound source, and then we go with digital effects and manipulate it further,” explains Grandbrothers' Lukas Vogel. “For me, it really helps to not get lost in all the possibilities of using synths and samples and so many sound sources. It just makes it easier to have this restriction. But from there, soundwise, it can go everywhere.

North/South, the latest track revealed ahead of the album's release on City Slang on April 14th, 2023, finds the duo making fantastic use of their assets, such as the surroundings of recording at the Cologne Cathedral, their consummate skill at electronic production, and their immense piano instrumentation. 

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