Chopper: Sugar and Spice

The latest single from the upcoming mini-album, Shock Pop Vol. I by Chopper is Sugar and Spice, which finds the project at its most indulgent and luxurious so far. A quick, furious, and psychedelic journey through a variety of styles and sentiments, citing influence from David Bowie's Outside as well as ABBA, The Shamen and Ministry. 

Sugar and Spice leaves the warm impression of a fever dream, making strong use of an impressive instrumentation based on outworn jazz saxophones, eighties orchestral hits, heavy guitars and overbearing string arrangements. 

Featuring Glitchi on vocals whose contribution is a perfect match to Chopper's eccentric croon, the song comes across as creepy, moody, and lighthearted at the same time, with Chopper holding it all together in an outcome that feels very original and oddly enticing. 

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