Casual Drag: Out of Sight

The Scottish punk trio, Casual Drag, bring forward five tracks of frantic punk rock on their debut EP release, Revolution Will Eat Itself. The band has been regarded as a prominent act in Glasgow's booming DIY garage-rock scene, and their recognizable raw sound, as described by singer Richard, contrasts sharply with the artificial nature and sound of contemporary music. 

The EP is born out of the frustration of what we see in life and today’s music, we are spoon-fed the same dross over and over. We want to carve out our own niche and sound and strive to be as honest and raw as we can in how we write and perform – this is the most important thing to us as a band.

The band's execution on Out of Sight, which closes the EP, is almost acerbic and consistently precise, and appears full of garage rock grit, beautiful songwriting classicality, and flexible energy.

Commenting on the writing and recording process, bassist Dom said: “We started writing in 2020 and then not much happened, it was a hard time for everyone. We channelled our frustration into the music and I think the EP captures how we, and many others, felt and are still feeling – isolated, lost and angry.” 

Richard adds: “On I like It and Something Good we wanted to have these ironic and almost dumb singalong poppy choruses as part of a punk song – on every song we want to make sure we get the right mix of an unnerving dissonant sound with catchy riffs, it’s this contrast that sums up our sound.” 

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