Zoon: Gaagige

Dreampop act, Zoon, helmed by songwriter and composer Daniel Monkman, releases new single Gaagige, taken from the impending album, Bekka ma'iingan, which is set for release on April 28th, 2023 via Paper Bag Records.

Gaagige features Andrew McLeod/Sunnsetter on guitar and vocals, as well as string arrangements by Owen Pallett.

Daniel comments: “I wrote the music for Gaagige when I was going through a period in my life of questioning life and death. In my language 'Gaagige' means 'forever.' I started to obsess about the concept of 'forever.' When I was younger that concept started to scare me because I really wanted death to be the final resting spot. Now ten years later I have a new relationship with death and this song is about me accepting and not worrying.” 

TRU created the beautiful visualizer for Gaagige, which features a rippling multitude of ambiguous visuals which match the music's strong psychedelic, dreamlike effect.

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