Those Foreign Kids: The Age of Horrible Sanity

Those Foreign Kids emerge from a dormant stage with their third album, Wrestlemania, in hand, and two record labels, Vibe/Anti-Vibe and Geertruida, following closely. The band takes their garage rock qualities to a new level and sounds more vibrant than ever with a more energizing approach to composition and overall sound.

The album's lead single, The Age of Horrible Sanity, comes with a well made music video directed by Fan Liao. 

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Applying a famous Edgar Allan Poe quotation to the present, when those who consider themselves to be "the sane" engage in a strange ritual of overconsumption and self-burning, The Age of Horrible Sanity is a fiery noise rocker with sharp guitar hooks and nearly dramatic expansions.

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