The Ultimate Dreamers: Piano Ghost

Post punk/coldwave band from Lessines, Belgium, The Ultimate Dreamers return with their new album, Echoing Reverie, released in March 2023 on Spleen+/Alfa Matrix and Wave Tension Records. The quartet's new studio album is their first since their reemergence from a protracted standby mode.

The band, which was productive in the mid-eighties and was greatly influenced by Belgian coldwave atmosphere and the sharp British post punk sound, was brought back to life during the COVID lockdown, and released a collection of old demos.

Piano Ghost is a solemn track which blends solemn dreampop with a noisier post punk mindset. It makes excellent use of somber repetitiveness and presents a nuanced harmony between darkness and light. The lyrics of this dreamlike and rather introverted song bring up themes of inner turmoil, melancholy, isolation and life's ephemerality. The song comes with a fantastic, stark video by Thomas De Moor.

The new songs from The Ultimate Dreamers, which were produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Anne Clark), cleverly combine an overarching sense of nostalgia with enchanting and deeply moving vocals and enticing beats to create an immersive mood. With an energizing and refreshing feel to it, The Ultimate Dreamers' new material feels uniquely reminiscent of the dark minimal style of the darkwave frontline, like Minimal Compact, Trisomie 21 and Section 25.

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