Rival Cults: Heraldry

Santa Barbara’s Rival Cults has joined forces with the exciting LA record label Dune Altar, through which they will be releasing their debut album Indoctrination on April 21st, 2023. The band's sound is undeniably forceful, based on a dark rock foundation, and arcane, expressive lyricism which deal with personal demons, addiction and recovery.

Rival Cults' Cole Barrington comments on Heraldry, the new track which comes ahead of the album's release: "Heraldry is about creating-through sacrifice-the ideal self one wishes to become and owning the future through awareness and love. No better motif than the morning star could I find to write a cool rock ‘n’ roll song with.

Guitar driven gothic rock which is reminiscent of the blackness of Christian Death and the enforcing atmosphere of Sisters of Mercy, as well as more contemporary acts like Grave Pleasures, the fresh material of Rival Cults packs a punch with high levels of gloom and obscurity, and a lot of intimacy.

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