Negative Blast: Trauma Bond

The artistic bloodline of Negative Blast spans from groundbreaking post-punk act [CON•TACT] to 2000s hardcore mainstays Lewd Acts and Hour of the Wolf, with the new arrival of Mario Rubalcaba adding Hot Snakes, Earthless, OFF!, and more to their already extensive list of credentials.

Trauma Bond off their excellent latest, under twenty minutes full length, Echo Planet, is really a blast, and a piece of relentless, hardcore-infused punk power.

Throughout the entire album, the band draws inspiration from both established punk classics such as Black Flag and more recent greats like Pissed Jeans to create music that feels both current and ageless at the same time. Hardcore punk is a self-sufficient, unrestricted mechanism which never stops giving, and bands like Negative Blast are the ones who keep it going and thriving in such way.

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