Nadir: The Old Wind

With a lineup whose members have cut their teeth in the Norwegian metal scene, Nadir emerge carrying their experience and the musical heritage of their environment on their sleeves. Audacious, forceful and at the same time very melodic, the band's new material draws from black metal, death metal and hardcore to come out all purified and imposing.  

The Old Wind a new track from the band's debut album, Extinction Rituals, scheduled for release on May 5th, 2023. 

A presentation of the band's lyricism and tendency for striking atmospheres, the song is centered on some old and very alienating points of view which have begun to become popular again. The Old Wind is strongly grounded on the more atmospheric side of Nadir's sound, but it also succeeds in bringing forward blistering riffs and the dark energy with which they've gained attention in the first place.

Photo courtesy of Nadir

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