Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya: NMP

In 2020, Madeline Johnston (Midwife) and Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya) became close friends and depended on one another when difficulties arose in their personal affairs. Although this bond began centered around music, it gradually spread to become much more. 

When Angel visited Madeline's studio in New Mexico for a recording residency in 2021, the two artists had their first in-person interaction. It was then when they wrote and recorded Orbweaving in the Chihuahuan Desert during the summer's hottest days.

At night, Angel and Madeline went Herping, looking for snakes and amphibians according to herpetologists, along the deserted roads near Las Cruces. The asphalt holds the sunlight's warmth, which the snakes absorb by writhing across the pavement. During these expeditions, they found roadkill, rattlesnakes, and orb-weaver spiders.

Orbweaving examines themes like emptiness, spirituality, isolation, and the absolute bewilderment of nature. The album aims to contextually and musically construct a web-like arrangement, and become a gauze of melancholy and a deeply felt unifying thread. 

First single, NMP is an exemplar of sweet melancholy, and a profoundly atmospheric number.

Artist photo by Jon McWilliams

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