Ikarie: Titane II

Ikarie formed in 2019, and come forth with a sound which draws heavily from bands from the nineties death/doom metal scene, citing influence from My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost, and Katatonia, as well as from contemporary acts like Cult of Luna and Amenra. The band is composed of former members of the now-defunct Spanish band Nahemah from Alicante, and current members of The Holeum and The Last 3 Lines.

The band describes their ideology as a type of cosmic existentialism which addresses our autonomy and duty as a principled lifeforms conscious of its insignificance, terror, and astonishment in the universe.

Titane II, which is a part of the group's new album, Arde, is a really nice fusion of darkness and heaviness, showing the good use of Ikarie's influences from death-infused doom metal, sludge, and melancholic post metal, founded on sad melodic lines and expressive brutal vocals.

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