Grandbrothers: Daybreak

Daybreak is the second single from the upcoming album by the acclaimed experimental act Grandbrothers. Late Reflections will be arriving in its entirety on April 14th, 2023 via City Slang. 

Daybreak is the album's opening track, created in the nighttime serenity of Germany's most popular tourist destination, the Cologne Cathedral, a famous example of Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Filmmaker and frequent collaborator, Manfred Borsch, produced his own perception of the renowned window in the southern transept designed by Gerhard Richter for the track's visual accompaniment.

Grandbrothers pianist, Erol Sarp, describes: "During the recording process, we found ourselves in a highly shifted rhythm. We worked exclusively at night until early morning. When we packed up our things around 6 a.m., the windows began to shine and the cathedral seemed to awaken. This visual transformation was central symbol of the recording process for us, that's why Daybreak is the album's opener.

With its vibrating, gradually growing and disconnected piano samples, Daybreak provides an entrance and gives the listener a feeling of the immense scale of the space in which it was developed.

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