Fixed Lens: Swept Out To Sea

The dystopian post punk/darkwave duo FIXED LENS from Berlin reveal Swept Out To Sea, their new seven-inch EP, marking their debut on vinyl through Leipzig's Unterschall Records. The song focuses on losing oneself in frustration and rage, harnessing the atmosphere of the band's highly praised debut self-titled EP.

Like the duo's earlier material, these songs are percussion-heavy, distorted, and strong on the choruses, but they also exhibit a more extreme direction, being more ideological and energized, and fitting in perfectly with the pioneering classics from which they draw influence, like Killing Joke and Frustration.

Through their art form, the band examines a hypothetical world, which demands examination; a depressing landscape that appears likely to become reality in the imminent future.

In the accompanying video for Swept Out to Sea, a woman struggles to distinguish the truth between real life and her imagination as she is being chased by a car at night through the streets of contemporary Berlin. The edges of her reality morph, shift, and blend with an intimidating red light as she pursues her sensed nemesis. Robert Hanna, the band's guitarist and lead vocalist, filmed and edited the clip.

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