Dread Witch: Serpent God

Danish band Dread Witch's recent album, Tower of the Severed Serpent, has been a distinct highlight in the world of heavy rock, and a fantastic listen from start to finish.

On standout track, Serpent God, Dread Witch entice the audience to engage in a satanic blood ritual which involves occult chanting, blasphemous chugging, and an overall devastatingly heavy sound based on massive instrumentals and brutal vocals. The middle part, which includes a solemn church bell, as well as the harrowing three-minute closing bring out the song's intense ritualistic feel.

Tower of the Severed Serpent is an extensive and weighty doom album featuring copious amounts of low-tuned heaviness and distortion, with discernible passages from psychedelia and atmospheric ambiance thrown into the well balanced mix. The album was mixed and mastered by renowned Danish producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn, etc.).

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