The First Eloi: Fall From Cedars

Fresh band, The First Eloi from Hamburg, came together by two experienced musicians in the noise and post punk scene, alongside a younger singer with whom they met in a green park singing next to the water. The band has released an early run of singles so far, and their album is expected to arrive in Spring 2023.

Fall From Cedars, the group's third single, presents the gentle side that they have to offer, with a more dreamlike tone compared to the first couple of singles. Their shoegaze foundation is undeniable, and as they continue to shape their musical identity, the song feels like a strong early component.

The song's primary features are gentle vocals, echoing guitars, and a delightful melody, and the result is undoubtedly one which will appeal to the genre's devotees among others.

The First Eloi Bandcamp | Spotify

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