Orochen: Wastelands EP

It is the end of a very notable journey for the Gothenburg-based band Orochen who made the choice to part ways as a band, and release the two-track EP Wastelands to mark the conclusion of their illustrious path. The EP, a worthy follow-up to the band's excellent most recent album, Anthroposcenic, is in the same poignant and emotive vein as their earlier work.

The Wastelands EP, which features two songs which observe the disenchanted disparity between humans and nature, is a natural evolution of Anthroposcenic and its concept to reflect a world rife with capitalism and consumer culture.

On the EP's title track, vocalist Christian Bonnesen (ex. LLNN) contributes agitated vocals to match the band's sentimentality and melodicism in a seamless manner. Second track, Moths Behind Pillars of Light, is another profound track with a sharp sound and incredible melodicism.

Orochen comment on the EP and the indefinite hiatus of the band: “We feel that this EP is a natural extension from our debut album, both sonically and thematically. It is also an emotional release for us as it is our final offering to the world as a band.

Once again detailed on the visual front, Orochen collaborate closely with photo artists Christian Thunarf and Niklas L√∂vgren, who created photos for each of the two songs. 

Released by Suicide Records, Wastelands EP is mixed and mastered by Andrew Shneider (KEN Mode, Unsane, Rosetta).

Even though it is disheartening to know that one of the best in their field is no longer active, Orochen's journey does end on a very high note.

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