Maudiir: L'Éloge du Cuivre

Multi-instrumentalist, F., returns with new material as Maudiir, carrying the project's signature combination of thrash and black metal. New track L'Éloge du Cuivre, is the first single from the upcoming EP, Soliloque, expected to come out on April 7th, 2023.

L'Éloge du Cuivre, which is grim and sinister as customary from Maudiir's sound, is a flexible number with a vibrant kind of intrigue, and it exhibits great musicianship and technical agility, as the song also contains subtle progressive metal details. Another striking characteristic which contributes to the track's affective overall quality is its dark and biting lyricism.

Tough, tight and groovy, this is yet another great offering from the one-man project.

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