Lord Velvet: Night Terrors

New band Lord Velvet from Denver, Colorado, emerges with a heavy sound that is obviously rooted in stoner rock, mentioning influences from genre greats like Pagan Alter and Witchcraft, and carrying the timeless doom rock imprint of Black Sabbath in their veins.

Lord Velvet also give off the impression of a contemporary manifestation of the obscure hard rock of the seventies, evoking bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Atomic Rooster, and Captain Beyond with their cosmic approach to their themes and overall creative identity.

Lord Velvet are a dense four-piece composed of Taylor, Scoot, Matt, and Mike. They provide a picturesque description of their strong debut single, Night Terrors: "A story of the waking nightmare. Alone you sit, eyes wide, but not the faintest ability to turn your head. You look around the room and see nothing but black. Your chest is heavy, and figures appear around the bed and hand you a pen and paper. Screams fill your mouth but there is no air in your lungs. You awake to the lyrics of a song written on wrinkled paper and have no remembrance of the horror of the grotesque inability to move..."

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