Halloween: Self Titled

Undoubtedly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a thriving shoegaze scene from which new bands frequently emerge. One of those best new acts is Halloween, a group which endorses classic nineties alt rock sounds while challenging the boundaries of its elegant sound.

Halloween's debut EP, Self Titled, effectively conveys the band's slowcore, shoegaze, and lo-fi rock roots in five compelling songs which work well with one another.

Silence, the EP's opener, is a noisy slowcore exercise with a sense of powerful lyricism and an overarchingly beautiful melancholy. The entire release is characterized by subtle melodies and soft vocals, and songs like the grungy Ancient Pain, with its pop sensibility, are fully drenched in nostalgia for the nineties. Additionally, the song's accompanying video expertly and successfully confirms Halloween's really well designed nineties aesthetics package.

Another standout track from the EP, By Proxy is a straightforward track which shows the band employing their influences from heavy guitar-driven indie rock, equivalent to a blend of The Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, and Lemonheads.

Each of the album's five songs has a unique quality and a certain level of quirkiness which show how cognizant the band is of their style and craft.

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