Goodbye Ranger: Memories and the Sky

Andrew Saks, the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist of SWAY and FLDPLN, and vocalist Gwendolyn have created the new dreampop project, Goodbye Ranger. Memories and the Sky, the band's debut album, features seven songs with wonderful melodies and hazy atmospherics which can be reminiscent of some of the genre's quintessential acts like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and Lush.

Memories and the Sky, which is consistently moody and immersive, is primarily based on a guitar-based ambience, but frequently veers toward a slightly more upbeat direction, and it succeeds with both ways. The soft vocals mingle wonderfully with the elegant instrumentals, and songs like the album's opening title track, as well as the moody and melodic Remember Everything, hit like classic shoegazers, and become the high points of the album.

For their debut release, Goodbye Ranger appear to be sticking to the dreampop norms, and there is nothing at all amiss with that, as the album succeeds on several levels, and makes for a pretty dense unit.

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