FACS: When You Say

Chicagoan post punk band, FACS, return with new album, Still Life In Decay, expected out on April 7th, 2023. The group's new work is introduced with the hard hitting and tense, When You Say, which acts as the album's notable first single. 

When You Say is a relentless song which spotlights a powerful bassline, forceful drumming, incisive guitar work, and unhinged vocals that enunciate poetic lyrics about dismissal, defeatism, class division, and the search for one's identity and significance in a collapsing community.

Vocalist Brian Case implements his lyrics like someone with loss of memory, repeating lines and trying to cling onto memories as a last-ditch effort to stop the decline into obscurity.

FACS return, which follows a string of notable records like 2018's Negative Houses and 2021's Present Tense, is outstanding from a first impression, and deserving of repeat listening.

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