Devin Sarno: Misshapen Heart

Consistently creative in the most unique and unexpected ways, Los Angeles producer and composer, Devin Sarno, releases Misshapen Heart, a five-track album of elegant, expansive, and gripping atmosphere which does not disappoint.

The release, with its full contemplative virtues, offers both the longer and more cogent aspects of Sarno's compositional audacity, and leans heavily toward dark atmospheric ambiance, often providing the feeling of a film score made for the bleak times.

Sarno writes: "The title Misshapen Heart symbolizes the state of the world for me right now. We can’t exist without the heart, of course, but it currently finds itself struggling to beat in its mishandled and malformed state.

"I don’t want to suggest that this is a doomsday soundtrack, because it isn’t. But, with most of my work I think it strives at least for a degree of introspection. And sometimes what’s inside is admittedly struggling."

Misshapen Heart, a piece of intrinsic creation created over the course of 2022, is an emotional and sincere work. Breath is a discreetly recurring theme throughout the entire release, and Exhale and Redux represent those dynamic and kinetic aspects of the power of breathing, as well as the force of life in general, gracing the music with a strong sense of optimism. 

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