D//E Premiere: Abandoncy x Flooding x Nightosphere: 3 Way Split

The American Midwest has an underground scene which thrives. Case in point, the brand new three-way split EP by three brilliant bands from Kansas City and Lawrence, Missouri. Abandoncy, Flooding and Nightosphere join forces and deliver an admirable new offering, which more or less features some of the finest and most affective music we've heard in 2023 thus far.

The release commences with Nightosphere with a fairly upbeat track whose punk stems seamlessly blend with a noisier and murkier approach to noise rock and slowcore. Although Thrasher is a quite melodic song, its beauty is masked by a thick layer of gritty texture. Furthermore, the composition, as powerful as it is, couldn't be more enticing.

Abandoncy present an obscure dynamite of a song which starts out quite fragile, then explodes into post hardcore noise and heaviness, and keeps on alternating between louder and softer expressions of excessive emotionalism. Your Condition feels like it deserves a place among the most exceptional works in the band's catalog, despite not being particularly complex nor difficult to grasp.

Then, Flooding take over, whose track comes with their signature slowcore sound, and lingers between the heavier facets of Duster and the edgier tones of Slint, exuding dejection, agony, and all around compelling sentiments. This Will All Burn is a stunning song which builds progressively, in an undeviating manner, and burns slowly toward something ultra weighty, until the desired crescendo arrives to offer its cathartic qualities.

It's really inspiring how three different acts can come up with something so centralized while maintaining their individual identities. 3 Way Split is an articulation of life's harsh realities in a very realistic, yet, cultivated tone, and an all around wonderful, unmissable release.

3 Way Split comes out on cassette through Manor Records.

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