Chilindrina: With Bat Like Wings

San Jose, CA band, Chilindrina, have just released the single and video for With Bat Like Wings, a track to which D//E has a very special connection, since it was included in our first ever compilation, A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, a year and a half ago.

The dark-hued post punk direction of Chilindrina is based on the band's heavy influence from Matador and 4AD records, as well as a slew of sad and noisy indie rock from the last four decades. The song defines Chilindrina's fuzzy approach, being raucous, energetic, and hard hitting, and presenting an immaculate balance of melody and grit.

Chilindrina continue their path in the Bay Area underground music scene, with newest member, guitarist Luna Sanchez whose emergence heralds the band's ever-evolving perspective, as evidenced in With Bat Like Wings which is setting the scene of what's to come on the next album. The song's great accompanying video was created by the band's own Luna Sanchez and Jerry Lozano. 

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