Barren Heir: Some of its Parts

Barren Heir are a post metal band from Chicago, whose heavy sound comes with edgy sludge and doom metal properties. Seven years after their first full length, Tired Turns, and five years after their split EP with prog/sludge metal act Cokegoat, Barren Heir resurface with a new specimen off their impending album, Died Down.

Due to its exceptionally heavy guitars and the band's fiery performances, Some of Its Parts demonstrates Barren Heir's bleak and angsty approach. The song, which is the band's most concise individual work to date, displays a little bit of a different compositional direction without dropping any of the sturdiness which distinguishes their art as a whole.

Barren Heir make a thrilling comeback, and effortlessly create a piece of massive instrumentals and a completely immersive atmosphere.

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