A Very Special Episode: Heaven's Gate

Two years after their album, FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE, Brooklyn, New York-based trio, A Very Special Episode, return, this time with an very interesting concept that explores cults, the desire to 'belong,' and the darker side of that idea. The song will be part of an upcoming album which will further elaborate on these themes, the more extreme parts and the grey areas in between.

AVSE found interest in cults after a visit to the parking lot of Scientology’s Los Angeles Celebrity Center and its nearby ‘museum’ dedicated to the alleged evils of psychiatry. After that, it was simply an issue of spending the following years watching documentaries, TV shows, and films that explored this realm, before this developing cult fascination emerged to the forefront in a cabin in the Catskills of upstate New York during a blizzard-bound songwriting session.

Vocalist and bassist Kasey Heisler speaks on Heaven's Gate: “It’s about the need to belong, the search for an in group, and the length’s one may go to find one in spite of the danger and the vulnerability that requires.” 

Patrick Porter, guitarist and vocalist for AVSE, comments: “Joining a group or organization that’s larger than oneself requires being absorbed into a helpless situation, surrendering one’s entire being to the cause. This can be an intentional decision, the result of intense manipulation, or an ambiguous mix of both.

With the release of Heaven's Gate comes the 'Official Onboarding' lyric video which was created by Brooklyn's photographer and filmmaker, Jen Meller.

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