Six Days Of Calm: Uncertainty

The first single from the anticipated forthcoming album, My Little, Safe Place, by Six Days of Calm, is the melodic piece, Uncertainty. The entire album will be released in November 2023 via Midsummer Records.

Fischer decided to reassemble the successful team from the first record for the new album, with Philipp Welsing (of Original Mastering, Lantlos, Callejon, Betterov, and others) handling mastering and Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) serving as producer.

Uncertainty takes us on a lengthy musical journey which lasts nearly nine minutes, and showcases a really good deal of Six Days of Calm's best qualities, with the delicate electronic atmosphere and the imposing post rock sound mingled together.

Former collaborator Rob Krings worked with dancer and actress Luisa Raukopf, and came up with the enigmatic video which comes with the song.

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