King Bug: Lights

Brooklyn-based King Bug is a five-piece, upbeat shoegaze band formed in late 2022. Their music is a well-balanced attack of guitars and harmonized vocals, and it is subtly influenced by the sort of existentialist issues which appear to reverberate within a busy psyche in a quiet place.

Eddie Kuspiel, the project's main creative force, comments on Lights, King Bug's first single: "I have really bad ADD or ADHD, (I can't remember which one) so it's hard for me to be present when people are talking to me, or when I'm on a trip or pretty much always. This song is based on a very specific moment when I was very conscious... conscious of the weather, what people were wearing and saying the sensation of my clothing on my body... it just felt really nice to be participating in the present. So this song is a little reminder of that feeling."

Big guitars, tuneful vocals, and bright shoegaze with heavy doses of psychedelia serve to form a song that feels consistent and introduces a very highly promising act.

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